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Standard Fairing Dynamic Envelope

The fairing is built up from two symmetrical halves which are connected to each other by mechanical lever/roll locks.

Dynamic envelope main dimensions are:

  • cylindrical part diameter 2400 mm and height 2673mm
  • conical sections height 2864mm, opening angle of 20°
  • radius of spherical end closure 138mm

If your payload not fit in the standard envelope, please check the enlarged fairing or local modification possibilities.

Payload accommodation examples:

ABRIXAS, MegSat accomodation

CHAMP, MITA, BIRD-RUBIN accommodation

Enlarged Fairing

The main dimensions of the enlarged fairing are:

  • Diameter of cylindrical part 2600 mm
  • Height of cylindrical part 3000 mm

The enlarged fairing uses two symmetrical new compsite halves and the standard proven fairing separation mechanisms.

Local Modifications

For accommodation of enlarged satellites (large solar generators or antennas) the local modification of fairing will be offered.

Mechanical Interface

Demo Adapter at OHB System.
The demo paylaod adapter of COSMOS launcher is available at OHB System integration facilities in Bremen.
ABRIXAS mock-up on COSMOS payload adapter.
payload adapter
For multiple payload injection a special payload adapter was developed. The main payload (CHAMP Satellite) uses the standard COSMOS separation system.

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