ABRIXAS and MegSat


1. ABRIXAS mock up on COSMOS
payload adapter at OHB facilities

2. ABRIXAS integration at OHB

3. Launch Companion
Removing of ABRIXAS from transport container and electrical tests

4. Preparation of launch vehicle
in the Kapustin Yar integration facility

5. ABRIXAS and MegSat integration
on LV payload adapter

Fairing Closing and Launcher Transport to pad

1. ABRIXAS on COSMOS 3M Launch Vehicle

2. ABRIXAS and MegSat on COSMOS 3M Launch Vehicle

3. Payloads ready for fairing closing

4. Fairing closing

5. Launcher roll out

6. Launcher transportation to pad

7. Launcher operations at pad

8. Launch Service involved companies and agencies

Launcher Erection and Launch

1. Our "Blue Fairing" the Trade Mark of Sucsess.

2. Erection sequences

4. One hour before launch.
Launcher is fueled.
Satellites are ready for Launch.

4. Launch observation from 8km distance


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