ABRIXAS and MegSat
Missions Engineering Tasks

1. Payload accommodation, adapter design and mechanical analysis: UniGraphics CAD model

NASTRAN FEM model for coupled loadand stiffness analyers.

Payload adapter engineering and test model at OHB System /Cosmos International integration facilities in Bremen.

2. Adapter vibration and separetions test at POLYOT facilities in Omsk, Russia

3. Satellite Transport from Munich to Arhangelsk by cargo plane AN-72 T: CHAMP Container

4. Transport from Arhangelsk to Plesetsk by cargo helicopter MI-26

5. Customs at Launch Site and removing of payloads from transport containers

Inspection and Test

1.CHAMP Inspection and tests after transportation

2. MITA Inspection and tests after transportation

3. RUBIN Tests and battery charging


1. Payload adapter preparation

2. MITA integration on payload adapter

3. RUBIN integration on payload adapter

4. CHAMP integration on payload adapter

5. Adapter with payloads integration on launcher

6. Payload integration finished

7. Fairing closing

8. Companies Involved at payload development, manufacturing and launch service

9. Our signatures on the COSMOS launcher second stage Launch service project manager Dr. Ingo Gerhard

Launcher Erection and Launch

1. Launcher Transport to Pad

2. Launcher Erection

Involved companies and agencies

The "Blue Fairing" Cosmos in service tower

3. Fueled rocket ready for launch

Launch Observation Point

4. Launch 15.07.2000 12:00 UTC

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